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How to Think of the Perfect Gift


How to Think of the Perfect Gift

If it’s the thought that counts, then why did you buy your friends and loved ones fruitcakes last year? Make it easy on yourself and use these thought-starters to help spark your gift-giving ideas.

Memory Lane
Some of the easiest but most thoughtful gifts are those that incorporate shared memories. Take a trip down memory lane to remember concerts, favorite songs, road trips, vacations, restaurants and other great memories you’ve shared for gift ideas. Remember your college roommate’s lengthy foray into international music? Send them a few digital downloads of their old favorite songs and a gift card for more music downloads of their choice. Still think of that trip to Vegas you took with your best friend? Go online and order a souvenir from the hotel or a show you saw. Or the T-shirt you never bought from the Wayne Newton gift shop.

Just Pick Something
When shopping for personal items like books, jewelry or clothing, it’s easy to get stuck in second guesses. “Would he really wear this?” “Is this her style?” Just go for it. Find out her favorite store and select something you like for her or that reminds you of her. Know his favorite author? Look for special editions, digital downloads or other bonus products affiliated with his favorite book.

Give a Skill
Know a budding photographer who’d love to sharpen their skills? A car fanatic who’d love to learn race car driving. Or an avid traveler who’d love it if they could speak the language? Give the gift of learning. Search online for schools or instructors who offer gift certificates for their services. Learning something is a longer-lasting gift than any fruitcake (maybe).
Compliments of Success Magazine.    

Healthy New Year
So once again your friends and relatives want to lose that pesky 10 pounds for good.. or maybe it’s amped up to 20 pounds by now.  What do you give them?  Give them the gift of Nutrition and they will find the pounds and inches fall away effortlessly, while increasing energy during the day and sleeping better at night.  The gift of slumber! 

Merry Christmas everyone, and above all- remember the Reason for the Season.

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