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March 27, 2010 at 5:51 pm Leave a comment

Good day all!  Thanks for revisiting my blog. This morning I downloaded a new program that came in my weekly newsletter from the Digital Goddess, Kim Komando.  If you are not familiar with Kim I recommend that you check out her website and listen to her radio show when you can.  You are sure to pick up loads of great information for your computing or anything  in your digital world.  Be sure to sign up for her newsletters!

This is my test page to see how the Windows program works and displays in Word Press.   With Windows Live Writer, you can write your posts offline. Then, publish them when you’re ready. The software also makes it easy to insert photographs in your posts. Then, preview your entries before hitting the publish button!
Windows Live Writer works with many blogging services.  The cost is :FREE Download it here.

I just downloaded a ’plug-in’ which should tweet on Twitter whenever I post an addition to my blog with a tiny url using Windows Live Writer. Hmmmm…we’ll see!

Let’s add a photo now..Texas Bluebonnets in honor of the first day of Spring!
bluebonnet bluebonnet bluebonnet bluebonnet

Last but certainly not least in my testing of Windows Live Writer and my new blogging experience, I am inserting a video of when ABC News put Isagenix to the test.  Later on I will talk more about Isagenix and if you would like to know more now, visit my website here.  Prices shown are retail.. or sign up and save.

Watch this ABC News Report!
I will tell you that my friend Kim (seen in this report) who lost 152 lbs 6 years ago has maintained her weight loss to this date with Isagenix.

That’s all for now; time to post this and see if it automatically Tweets!
I’ll check back this evening. Thanks for viewing and rating my blog. If you learned a little about Windows Live Writer then I’ve succeeded with my intention this morning!
By the way.. you can also follow me in Twitter @isabundance.

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Let the blogging begin…! GoDaddy Design Team

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